The Communithon funds received by our community agency allows us to continue our work in the Weyburn area.  It provides us with the opportunity to train more volunteers in the community and to provide support to families impacted by house fire or disaster.  It also helps us to provide Violence Prevention education and programming, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Roughriders as presenters and Red Cross Ambassadors, especially during Pink Day week anti-bullying activities and events in February. Finally, it helps us to assist seniors in the area who are experiencing isolation, with our Friendly Phone Program.


The Canadian Red Cross serves Weyburn and area by providing assistance to every family or individual experiencing a personal disaster, such as a house fire, in Weyburn & area. Red Cross supports basic needs in the first 72 hours following an event including shelter, food and clothing. Volunteers are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.  Another growing service in the area includes our Friendly Phone Program, which matches trained volunteers with seniors who may be experiencing isolation or are house bound.  First Aid and Water Safety is another long standing community program, as well as our Violence Prevention Education program which features an ongoing partnership with the Saskatchewan Roughriders as school presenters and Red Cross Ambassadors.

The Top 3 Things you wished more people knew about your Community Agency?


1. Our network is vast, but our approach is simple. All Red Cross programs and activities are guided by the Fundamental Principles of Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary Service, Unity and Universality. These principles allow us to provide help immediately to whoever needs it, wherever they are, whatever their race, political beliefs, religion, social status, or culture. 

2. We are always looking for more volunteers, our organization is based on the skilled work of our volunteers, and there are many excellent training opportunities available to them within our organization.

3. Lastly, a lot of people know Red Cross for our work after a huge disaster event, but do they know we have dedicated volunteers working, training and prepared to assist, every day, right here in Weyburn?

How has COVID affected your products, services, or agency?

We have moved to a virtual service delivery which allows us to provide services while adhering to the guidelines set out by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  This allows us to keep both volunteers and beneficiaries safe.


COVID-19 has disrupted our normal business operations, as it has for most people, but we have been able to carry on providing services by adapting our best practices.  Thanks to funding from the Government of Canada, the new Canadian Red Cross COVID-19 Emergency Support for Community Organizations will be delivered through two main program areas:  “Granting Program for Non-profits”;  and the “Preventing Disease Transmission Training  and Equipment” program.  For additional resources and more information for community organizations please visit

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