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Envision Counselling and Support Centre

Envision Counselling and Support Centre provides therapeutic counselling and support, crisis intervention, in-home services, groups, workshops and education that help individuals, families and couples to feel empowered and content.

Envision believes in client-centered counselling, with an emphasis on engaging clients’ strengths. This means our clients decide what issues they will work on. Envision counsellors won’t force clients to do something they’re not ready for.

Counselling is available for:

  • Survivors and secondary survivors of abuse, violence and sexual assault.

  • Children (aged 5 – 18) who have witnessed violence.

  • Families experiencing an event or situation that is overwhelming or traumatic.

  • Couples.

  • Stalking and harassment victims.

  • Individuals exposed to human trafficking or sexual exploitation.

Anyone interested in accessing services can call one of our four offices. All calls are confidential and we do not subscribe to call display. Collect calls to the offices are accepted.

Our Mission: We envision being an inclusive leader, providing professional facilities and staff that deliver innovative and diverse programming to all individuals in the communities in Southeast Saskatchewan.

Our Vision: We will encourage and support healthy choices in individuals, families and communities in Southeast Saskatchewan by offering innovative programming and diverse counselling and support services.

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