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Inclusion Weyburn


Inclusion Weyburn has a number of programs that offer support and opportunities to people who live in Weyburn and area. 


Our Respite Care Program started at the onset of covid-19, when schools closed and our other programs came  to a halt.  It was one of the few ways that we could help individuals and families while following safety rules during the pandemic.  We hired, trained, mentored and paid staff to provide this service. 


While we were disappointed that we could not offer the fun Inclusive Day Camps, monthly Family/Buddy Swims and other activities we had all come to enjoy, a positive came out of the difficult situation we were in.  We had to stretch our thinking to find new ways to assist our families, so the Respite Care Program was initiated.  The positive spin on this was that we found a program to help not only those who live in and close to Weyburn, we were also able to support families throughout the southeast, in places like Radville, Estevan, Arcola, Redvers and Montmartre where support has been limited. This program fills needs for so many, it has become a year round opportunity that we offer! 


The summer of 2021 still held restrictions for us.  We were able to send a limited number of children to the Inclusive Fun in the Sun Day Camp at the City's Leisure Centre, but we were unable to send our preschool children to the Family Place's Summer Day Camp.  Again, this was very disappointing for our families and for us.  So again, we had to stretch our thinking to provide opportunities for our families over the summer.


  We hired a Program Coordinator, one of our staff who has worked with us since we started and has now completed her first year of university.  She has taken classes on developing just what we need, and her experience  working for us made her the perfect fit for us!  Emma Bitz has done an amazing job of organizing and running daily activities throughout the summer to be enjoyed by all ages! 


Thanks to Zion Lutheran Church she has a great homebase where she can provide indoor activities and even set up relaxing snoezelen rooms housed with equipment for self regulation.  And thanks to St. Michael's School, she has a wonderful outdoor space for fun playground and water activities.   


Our Respite Care Staff is available to take youth to these activities, so our programs are working together! As fall approaches, we hope to resume our swim times, dances, barbeques, and other fun social events that we all enjoyed before the pandemic.  We can bring back these programs while adding new ones created because of the pandemic!


We are always so thankful for the wonderful support that we receive through the United Way, thanks to Weyburn for making this possible by giving to the Communithon!

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