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The Weyburn Care-A-Van Society

The Weyburn Care-A-Van is a society that was formed to assist seniors or any one with mobility issues. 

We operate Monday to Friday, with Summer being an exception when we do not run on Fridays .

When renting the van, you are required to bring your own driver. If you do not have a driver we are able to provide one at an additional cost. Our board consists of service clubs who volunteer their time to keep this society running smoothly. We also have members at large from the health care sector.

Using the Care-A-Van has its advantages:

 You do not have to worry about getting in and out of a wheelchair or scooter .

You do not have to load and unload your chair/scooter.

Our drivers are courteous and reliable.


Thank-you for choosing us to assist you with your mobility needs.

This is a non profit organization, so donations are accepted with our many thanks.

Contact The Weyburn Care-A-Van Society @ 306-861-2219

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