Weyburn Youth Center


The Weyburn Youth Center is a non profit organization established in 1994.  Our doors are open to all youth that are willing to play by the rules.  Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated from youth or staff.


Our first objective is a safe environment, no drugs, no alcohol, no bullying or harassment will be tolerated. 


Covid restrictions are monitored and followed.  We have a good variety of games (pool tables, air hockey, fooz ball etc.) a large number of board games, two video games, two TVs, a lounging area and several café style tables and chairs.  There is a gym with floor hockey and dodge ball equipment and a canteen.  We also have a skate park and basketball court providing outdoor activities as well. 


The kids are encouraged to interact with each other and with the staff, getting to know each other in a casual environment away from social pressures with hopes of forming lasting friendships and finding opportunities to mentor. 


We have occasional theme nights, movie nights, we’ve brought in bands and had local youth bands open for them, we’ve had visitors from the Rough Riders and the Weyburn Red Wings as well as Skateboard Teams come through during the summer months  hanging out, giving tips and having some fun competitions.

     The Drop In Center is open Fridays from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm and will continue to open Fridays throughout the summer.  We plan to expand the hours in the fall.



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