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Payroll Deductions

Since 1993, the SaskEnergy Weyburn office has taken part in a payroll deduction program in which employees opt-in to have a small contribution set aside each month to be donated to Communithon.

On top of that, SaskEnergy provides a corporate contribution as well. To date, this initiative has raised almost $52,000 for the Communithon and our community’s local organizations — talk about energizing!


“SaskEnergy recognizes the importance of giving back to the community — especially this past year,” says Michell Giroux, Customer Administration Supervisor for SaskEnergy in Weyburn.


“Through payroll deductions and giving $5 or $10 a month, our team of employees can spread their pledges out over the course of the year in smaller amounts. This makes it easy to help give more to support our local Communithon and its member agencies.”


Payroll deduction is a workplace giving program in which contributions are deducted directly from the paychecks of participating employees as an easy and effective way to encourage charitable support. Your organization may also consider contributing a percentage of employee donations, matching the donations or enabling employees to volunteer during work time.  

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