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Volunteer for Communithon

All volunteer inquiries can be directed to

Positions may include:



Location: Near the front door  at the top of the stairs of the Legion

Role and Responsibilities May Include:

  • Welcome people to the 2021 Communithon

  • If needed, Help individuals with the elevator (you need to hold the button until the doors open)

  • Answer any questions for guests

  • Introduce them to the event by telling them what is currently on the program 

  • Remind guests about the 50/50 draw table 

  • Direct volunteers to the volunteer lounge where they can store their belonging and check on their roles

  • Thank individuals as they leave

  • Remind guests of other Communithon activities around town like the Knights of Columbus perogie and sausage dinner from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

  • Acquaint yourself with bathroom locations (Top of the stairs), coat room (within the female bathroom) emergency exits, etc in case someone asks you about them. 


COVID rules will be in accordance with the Saskatchewan Health Authority’s guidelines at the time of the event, but this role may also include:


  • Have visitors fill out the COVID-19 Form

  • Take their temperature and list it at the top of their sheet

  • Remind them about the mask policy in the building

  • **Depending on volunteer volumes, this position may share the rolls of the Food/Facility position**


Food and Facility   

Location: To the top right of the stairs

Team Lead: Wanda Miller

Role and Responsibilities May Include:

  • Maintain the food and coffee levels in the volunteer area

  • Communicate with the Legion staff regarding more coffee

  • Direct volunteers to the volunteer board and connect them with their team leaders and/or roll locations

  • Circulate the facility making sure it is tidy (garbage rappers, coffee cups, etc)

  • Communicate with the Legion staff regarding any major messes

  • Answer any questions for guests

  • Circulate to different volunteer positions to see if they need a break or refreshment 

  • Thank individuals as they leave

  • Straighten chairs 

  • **Depending on volunteer volumes, this position may share the rolls of the Greeter position**


Location: Behind the Stage, to the Left

Team Lead: Brenda Clarke

Role and Responsibilities May Include:

Volunteer Position 1: Performer Traffic - 1 person


  • Guide performers in and out of the building

  • Act as a “runner” between performers and the stage

  • Direct performers to the waiting area

  • Walk entertainers onto the stage, off the stage, etc.

Volunteer Position 2: Stage Hand -  2 people


  • Communicate with production via headset about what the next performers need

  • Communicate with audio via headset regarding what the next performers need

  • Move risers, stands, and stage equipment for each performer/group throughout the day in between performances

Video and Graphics


Location: In front of the stage 

Team Lead: Sabrina Kraft

Role and Responsibilities May Include: 


  • Wearing a headset and taking direction from the Production table and Access Communications

  • Zooming in, zooming out, panning left and panning right

  • Standing for a significant period of time



  • Work in the Access Communications trailer

  • Take direction from the Access Communications production team 

  • Write the graphics that roll along the bottom of the television screen while watching in real time


Finance Volunteers


Location: Check in – just inside front doors at the Legion

Team Lead: Tasha Collins

Role and Responsibilities May Include:

Front Finance Area:

  • Accept donations, provide receipts following the instructions from United Way Regina 

  • Tanya brings step by step instructions for volunteers on how to create donation receipts and how to process them on the software, along with accepting payments

  • Acknowledge giving level on announcer copy of receipt (Stickers)

  • Confirm donor information sharing 

    • Can we announce your donation on air?

    • Can Communithon include your donation in our Final Report?

  • Take payments and receipts to the back periodically to be mailed out after confirmation of processing

    • Tanya will come and get them at times as well

Back Finance Volunteer 

  • Answer phones, accept donations and pledges 

  • Gathering donor information and filling out the form 

  • When a pledge/donation comes in, you can take down the information and give it to Tanya who will put it in the system.

  • Process credit card transactions on computer 

  • Print large cheques for stage presentations

  • Acknowledge giving level on all copies of receipt (stickers) 

  • Help United Way representative (Tanya) as needed.



  • Take processed donation forms to the announcer area – place in corresponding giving level folder

  • Pick up any donation sheets that have been announced and take them to the back finance room to and shred 

  • Curb side pickup, and home pick up were introduced in 2020

  • Curb side pickup – We are providing an opportunity for people to make debit or credit card donations from their vehicle (Honk to Donate)

    • The runner takes the clip board and debit machine to the persons vehicle

    • Have Donor fill out the donor form, then process the donation on the wireless debit machine

    • Bring the information and debit machine back in to front finance desk who would then process donation in system.

    • Take donation receipt back out to donor

  • Please show up 10 minutes prior to your shift so someone can go over the process with you

  • Responsibilities may be adjusted the day of event

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